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The feedback section is set up as an inbox - where feedback is sent and received. The current feedback that you are working with is at the top of the page, and any feedback that you have completed/processed is grouped in everything else (which can be hidden from view). 

Each feedback request and their responses are kept all together on a feedback card. The feedback card is dynamic - it can be changed and updated and moved into different places. For ease of finding things, you can sort and filter the feedback into specific categories (about my team, still need to be completed, etc.)

The feedback card is visible in two forms: Condensed and Expanded

The condensed view displays the title, subject, status, and author of the feedback. (Similar to an email in an email inbox). 

The expanded card as 4 pieces of information: 

Context: Who and what the feedback is about

Recipients: Who you are sending the request or feedback to

Title: An overview of what the feedback is about

Feedback or Questions: the main piece of the feedback card

Just a few more things: 

  • Privacy is very important to us. You will clearly be able to see who will be able to see your completed feedback

  • Forget someone? Don't worry, you can still add recipients after the request is sent

  • Have you ever accidentally hit the send button too soon? There is now a safety net where you can preview your feedback before you send it

If there is anything else that you are unsure about (or need more clarification), check out some of our other articles or ask support!

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