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Use private notes to jot down anything for your eyes only!

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Take notes only you can see in the private notes view πŸ‘€

In this article, we'll discuss:

Privacy and visibility

Private notes are blocked out when you open a note series to prevent anyone from accidentally seeing them.

Action items in your private notes will show up in your action items page and tab, but will only be visible to you. They will have the private note icon (hat and glasses) to differentiate them from other items.

Click the right facing arrow to collapse the private note. This is a great tool to use when sharing your screen!

Click the private note icon to reopen the private note view:

Navigate and customize

Pro tip: Prepping for your meeting but not ready to share just yet? Prepare in your private note then copy into the collaborative note when you're ready!

Now with more formatting options than ever - create action items, talking points, bullets, and more in your private notes.

Select rename from the 3 dot drop down menu to change the name of your private note.

Clicking the name of your private note will open a drop down menu listing other private notes in that series. You can click into them from there, or select view all to see the note content as you browse through.

Private notes are sticky and will stay put as you scroll through your meeting notes.

Click on the paper icon to pull up the meeting note associated with the private note you have open.

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