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Link 1-on-1 to Calendar Event
Link 1-on-1 to Calendar Event

Link recurring and non-recurring events to 1-on-1 relationships!

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If you're starting to use Fellow for your 1-on-1s, it's great to have the 1-on-1 note connected to the calendar event. It really helps keep everything in 1 place.

For recurring 1-on-1s

You may already have a recurring 1-on-1 set up in your Google or Office Calendar.

That's great!

If you go to the Fellow 1-on-1 with that person, you will see a calendar icon with either 'No event' or the 'date of the next event'.

When you click on 'No event', you will open a modal where you can select the calendar event. Fellow will suggest a calendar event. Likely it will be one that is recurring and only involves both of you (manager and direct report).

If that's the right event, click confirm and you're done!

If there are no recurring meetings in your calendar that are meet the criteria (only between you and that other person, recurring), you will get this error message:

Don't worry if it's not recurring! You'll just need to connect the individual event to the note. This means that you will need to manually connect the note to the next recurrence of the event as opposed to it connecting automatically.

For one-off events

If you don't have a recurring 1-on-1 scheduled, no worries.

You will see the option to create a new note and from there you will have the option to set a date and time or associate a calendar event.

By clicking on Unscheduled/the date, you will open up this modal which will let you either manually set the date and time or connect the note to an event in your calendar.

Fellow will show you calendar event options to choose. The criteria being that it is a meeting only between the two of you.

If it's not working

Check out our Why Isn't Fellow Pick Up On My 1-on-1 troubleshooting video!

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