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The Meetings Section
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The place for all your calendar events and team meetings!

If you click on a meeting, you will see the linked note connected with that meeting or event. Here you can collaborate with your teammates, see any outstanding talking points or action items, and click between your notes and meetings. 

The key things to know are that your meetings are displayed in a Calendar or Agenda view with the current meeting (the selected one that you are editing) in blue. You’ll have the option to show or hide cancelled/deleted/and all day events. 

You’ll be able to see the profile pictures or initials of the meeting attendees in the note headers. And if there is something that you don’t want everyone to know, there is a private notes section on the far right, where you can write notes private to you and hide them from view when you share a screen.

From there, you can essentially start typing - adding action items, talking points, and bullet points. 

If you have a set template or one that you rather like, you can save and reuse for future instances of that meeting. 

In the note itself, all meeting attendees will be able to add notes. You can assign talking points and action items to members of the meeting. This will help each person know exactly what to do next. 

At the top right corner of the note, there is a Share and Send notes icon. With these buttons, you can send a copy of the notes to your team members and any external people via email or Slack. It’s a nice way to have a back-up of the notes in another place. Or to just tie up the meeting in a nice bow.

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