It is possible to combine meetings that are alike! Sometimes notes may even split from the main stream. Don't worry, it's fixable so that you can have everything together in one place. 

How to Merge Streams

To do this, you can use the Merge Notes button in the upper right hand corner.
Go to the note that you want to merge into (Note A) and click on More Actions --> Merge Notes, and select the note that you want to add (Note B) from the list. 

Afterward, you will see one continuous stream with all those notes. 

In What Order Are Streams Merged?

The stream you have open before clicking is the destination stream. The stream you select in the merge tool will be merged into the destination stream.

NOTE: All Stream Settings in the destination stream will be automatically applied to the streams merged in.

Unmerging Streams

You may have come across a situation where you would like to unmerge the two streams.

If you would like to separate the information moving forward, we suggest creating a new calendar event. By creating a new calendar event the information will no longer be linked to the merged streams.

Visibility of Merged Notes

When two streams are merged, the users who are not an attendee of the two meetings will get partial access. This means that they won't be able to see the meeting notes that they were not originally a part of.

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