We're really excited about shared streams - so much so that we have been discussing how we have been using them so far. 

Here are some of the teams ideas and use cases:


  • Document team processes, especially if they evolve often or are new

  • List content resources that people can contribute to and passively check when they want to read something new.

  • Company library detailing the books we have and who currently has them

  • Public to-do list for leaders that are super transparency-focused

  • Expense reports

  • Company directory

  • Team OKRs


  • Share a private note/project when it is ready for feedback

  • Ad-hoc release notes/updates

  • Discuss and collaborate on projects outside of meetings

  • Design reviews

Sales + CS: 

  • Passing action items back and forth for customer-related work

  • Collaborate outside of calendar event to leave more calendar real estate for training/demos


  • Process Checklist (to publish a blog post, run a webinar)

  • Project ToDo's


  • Release notes (and can have a template with a deploy checklist).

  • Document processes like (how to make a pull request, how to hand off a feature, how to request time off…)

Feel free to let us know how you're using them - we're always intrigued by interesting use cases and "hacks"

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