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Where Can I Find My Meeting Copilot Recordings?
Where Can I Find My Meeting Copilot Recordings?

Get access to all the recordings of your meetings.

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Now that you've used the Meeting Copilot to record, summarize and transcribe your meetings, here are all the places you can access these recordings:

Meeting Note

You can go directly to the note of the meeting you recorded. A few minutes after your meeting is finished, the recording and meeting transcription will show on the top of your note. Just click here, and your recording, recap and summary will display.

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My Week

If you go to your home panel > My Week, you'll be able to see all your calendar events. When you click on any calendar event that used the Meeting Copilot, the note, including your recording, will display on the right side of your screen.

Just click on it, and you'll be able to see the recording, meeting recap and summary.

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Recordings Library

If you're looking to find all your meeting recordings in one place, you just have to go to your home panel > Recordings. Here you'll find a collection of all the recordings created by the Meeting Copilot.

Just click on any of them to see the details.

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