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An overview of the feedback inbox in Fellow

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*** Note: the Feedback feature is not available on the free plan. Learn more about our pricing here.

With Fellow's feedback feature, your team can easily give, request, and exchange feedback about a person, a meeting, or a project.

In general, there are 3 main types of feedback in Fellow:

  • One-off feedback: ask for or give feedback about a person or thing (ex. project) [Enterprise plan feature]

  • Meeting feedback: get a quick pulse check on how a meeting is going and what still could be improved [Pro plan feature]

  • 360 feedback: gather feedback about your direct report from their manager, themselves, their direct reports, and their peers. All in one neat package [Enterprise plan feature]

The Feedback inbox

All of your feedback is located in the main Feedback inbox which can be found by clicking on the thumb icon on the left hand navigation bar.

On the left hand side is your main inbox where feedback is sent and received. With in this inbox, each piece of feedback is shown as a card.

This inbox works like an email inbox. Besides the default main inbox, this inbox has different categories including: Needs action, Requests sent, Feedback sent, Drafts, and Archived.

You can also apply filters to make it easy to find specific feedback. Currently Fellow offers you to filter by feedback type (360, meeting, etc.), who the feedback is about, or who the feedback is from.

Feedback cards

The feedback card is visible in two forms: Condensed and Expanded

The condensed view displays the delivery method (X wants feedback, Y has responded to feedback, Z has shared feedback), the icon and topic, and any labels.

The expanded view shows you the full content of the feedback. Typically this includes:

  • Context: Who and what the feedback is about, who is asked for feedback, and who will be able to see the responses

  • Title: An overview of what the feedback is about

  • Feedback or Questions: the main piece of the feedback card.

Just a few more things to know

  • Privacy is very important to us. You will clearly be able to see who will be able to see your completed feedback

  • Forget someone? Don't worry, you can still add recipients after the request is sent

  • Have you ever accidentally hit the send button too soon? There is a safety net where you can preview your feedback before you send it

If there is anything else that you are unsure about (or need more clarification), check out some of our other articles or ask support!

Learn more about the Feedback feature

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