Meeting Recording Auto-Deletion

Enabling auto-deletion of meeting recordings for your entire workspace

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Workspace administrators* can choose for meeting recordings, transcripts, and AI summaries to be deleted permanently from a Fellow workspace on a periodic basis.

In the General Workspace Settings, find the "Meeting recording auto-deletion" section on the page and click "Configure" to open up a modal. From here, you will be able to turn on auto-deletion of recordings for the entire workspace, specify the number of days that the recordings should be kept available for, and choose whether to delete the AI summaries and related data too.

*Note: this is available for the Enterprise subscription.

Once these settings are saved, any existing meeting recordings that meet the criteria will be permanently deleted from Fellow within one hour. Deletion is an irreversible operation, and we can not recover this data. We highly recommend downloading any recordings or transcripts that may be needed in the future, and giving workspace members sufficient notice that their data will no longer be available so that they can take action if necessary.

Meeting recordings and transcripts will be deleted from Fellow after the specified number of days has passed. For example, if a meeting recording ended at 1:30pm on January 1st and the deletion was set to take place 10 days later, the data would be deleted on January 10th around 2pm. When auto-deletion is enabled, each recording in each Fellow note will have an indication as to when it will no longer be available. There are no notifications or warnings before the deletion takes place.

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