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Ask for Feedback about a Person
Ask for Feedback about a Person

How to write and send a feedback request in Fellow

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In general, there are are two main scenarios in which you would create a feedback request - to ask about yourself or someone on your team. [Note: this is for feedback that is not part of a 360 request. See this article for more info about 360 reviews]

These can be initiated in two places:

From the Feedback inbox

In a 1-on-1

Other than the place where you start, asking for feedback from these 2 places is the same. So we'll break down the steps after the initial click of Create in the feedback section or Ask for feedback in the 1-on-1 section.


  1. You'll then be prompted to complete a feedback card. This feedback card has several areas of information that you'll need to fill out.

    1. Set Topic: Choose the context about for your feedback request.
      Ex. I want to ask for feedback about someone on my team (their name)

    2. Add Respondents: Choose who you would like to ask and who you would like to be able to see the responses. Note: don’t worry if you’ve forgotten someone or added someone who you weren’t supposed to - you can edit it even after the request is sent.

      1. This is where you can specify whether or not you would like to gather anonymous responses

    3. Add Subject: Give your feedback request a title so that both you and the requestee know what the request is about

    4. Customize Questions: Add your questions! You can type your own questions or you can browse some templates. Check out this article for more details.

  2. Click Preview & Send. You will be able to review your questions before you go ahead and send the request.

After the request has been sent:

Click on the card to see any responses that have been submitted. You will see who has completed your feedback request (or how many of the requests have been completed - ex. ⅘)

By clicking on the More Actions tab in the upper right hand corner you'll see more options to help with next steps

  • Cancel Further Responses

  • Remind Respondents

  • Edit Recipients

  • Share with

  • Share with _____

  • Re-use the questions

  • Print

  • Export CSV

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