In general, there are are two main scenarios in which you would create a feedback request - to ask about yourself or someone on your team. 

These can be initiated in two places: 

                     the Feedback Section            OR                    the 1-on-1 section

In both sections, you will then be prompted to complete a feedback card: 


Choose the context about for your feedback request.
Ex. I want to ask for feedback about someone on my team (their name)


Choose who you would like to ask and who you would like to be able to see the responses. 

Note: don’t worry if you’ve forgotten someone or added someone who you weren’t supposed to - you can edit it even after the request is sent. 


Give your feedback request a title so that both you and the requestee know what the request is about


Add your questions!

You can type your own questions or you can browse some templates. There are several different question types for you to choose (with different styles of responses). 

Note: you don’t have to apply the entire template, you can pick and choose which questions that you like and create your own question version. 

And then:

Preview and Send your message!
After pressing the preview and send button, you will be able to review your questions before you go ahead and send the request. 

After the request is sent

You will see who has completed your feedback request (or how many of the requests have been completed - ex. ⅘)

You can add or remove any recipients and people who you share it with. 

And you can remind any people who have yet to complete the feedback (everyone needs a gentle reminder every so often :) )

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