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How to give feedback in Fellow

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Sometimes, you may want to give someone feedback without being prompted.
Here's how to go about it in Fellow


  1. The feedback in Fellow is indicated by a thumbs up sign on the far left navigation bar. Once you enter your feedback inbox, click on the + button at the top. When you click that button, you will be prompted to either: give feedback or ask for feedback. Select Give feedback

  2. On the 'Give Feedback' card, there are 4 things for you to fill out:

    1. The Context: the who, what, etc.

    2. The Recipients: who you are giving feedback to. You also have the option of sharing that feedback with their manager. Which means that both the person and their manager will be able to see the given feedback.

    3. The Subject: what the feedback is about

    4. The feedback itself: if you're unsure about how to structure your feedback, you can add a template by using the Browse Feedback button

  3. You will then have the option to preview your feedback before sending it out (to prevent any accidental sending)

After the Feedback is Sent:

You will see exactly who is able to see the feedback.

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