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Who can see my streams?
Who can see my streams?
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In Fellow, there are several different types of streams with different visibility.

You'll be able to tell the type of stream (and the related visibility) by looking at the icons by the stream name. This is the general structure:

Types of Streams

Meetings: Only visible to meeting attendees

1-on-1s: These are only visible to the two people involved

Private: Visible only to you

Shared: Visible to whoever it has been shared with

Public Links: Visible to anyone with a link

See who has access to the stream

By clicking on the blue Share button, you can see the names of the people who have access to the stream.

You can also click on the avatars in the note to see who is shared on each note!

But for public links, you won't be able to identify who is watching the note. Instead these people will appear as Anonymous.

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