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Looking to implement Fellow? Access our onboarding guide!

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When introducing a new tool to your team, a smooth implementation is important. In this article, you'll find everything you need to get your team up and running!

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Key Milestones Checklist

At a high level, these are the pivotal checkpoints for a successful onboarding journey:

  • Announce Fellow and send Fellow invitations to join the workspace

  • Coordinate with IT to connect integrations of existing tools and mass deployment of the Fellow desktop app

  • Create an internal communication channel to field any questions and redirect to

  • Use the resources created by the Fellow team to:

    • Communicate Fellow's implementation

    • Train your team asynchronously

  • Coordinate with HR to incorporate Fellow into new hire onboarding process

  • Attend Fellow product launch events or live webinars to stay up to date on newly released features

Onboarding Overview

Resources to equip your conversations with IT

    • The browser extension improves Fellow usage by 3.6x and will set your team on the right track to building healthy meeting habits. By embedding directly into Google calendar, teammates can prepare for meetings and review Action Items in their typical workflow.

    • Fellow’s Desktop App provides the best in-meeting experience by ensuring Fellow notes open side-by-side all virtual meetings with Companion Mode. Making the desktop experience available to all Fellow users at your organization will ensure high adoption by 5.7x, and greater likelihood of teammates creating healthy meeting habits.

    • Fellow’s MS Teams integration will ensure teammates can use Fellow without ever leaving the app. Bring your notes into a convenient panel next to your video calls and eliminate the need to search for your agendas before the meeting.

    • Fellow IT resources designed to empower your business with a focus on security and data privacy at Fellow, your Fellow tool stack and the roll out of Fellow with a implementation and communication plan.

Communication Timeline

We know that solidifying a timeline is key to an effective roll out of any new tool. Our team has created these resources and provided a manageable timeline on how to get this information passed along to your team. These timelines are based on what we have seen to be the most impactful with teams who have previously been onboarded with Fellow:




Week 1

Notifying your team of a new tool will help prime them for future communications regarding the implementation as well as set expectations on what's needed from them.

Get your IT team to help with connections and integrations of the tool stack used by the organization and mass deploy Fellows' Desktop App / Chrome extension.

Week 2

What is next as Fellow your Collaborative Tool? Share links to download the desktop app & connect browser extension

Sharing onboarding resources (sample wiki, help centre, on demand webinar, create peer groups, support's email address)

Week 4

Collect Feedback about Fellow

Fellow Learning Resources

    • This example wiki page can be copied into Confluence, Notion or wherever you store your corporate communication.

    • Self help articles which outlines step-by-step instructions on using the Fellow which include screenshots, illustrations, and FAQs to make it easy for users to follow.

    • Short video tutorials demonstrating key features and processes.

  • Register for live webinars - TBD

    • Scheduled live webinars where users can ask questions and interact with members of the Fellow team in real-time.

    • These webinars will be recorded for those who cannot attend live sessions. View the latest one here.

  • Peer support

    • We highly encourage a culture of peer support where experienced users can help their colleagues.

    • Consider establishing a designated chat or forum for users to ask and answer questions, such as a Slack channel or MS Teams chat.

  • Fellow Support

    • If you or any member of your team has questions or needs technical support please reach out to us at

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