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Automatically Install Fellow Extension for All Users
Automatically Install Fellow Extension for All Users

Instructions for Google Workspace admins to automatically install the Fellow Chrome extension for all employees.

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A great way to encourage adoption quickly across your organization is to have the Google Administrator do an org-wide deploy of the Fellow Chrome extension.
Note that if desired, you can customize the process to select only some Organizational Units for the preinstallation.

How to add the Fellow extension by default for all employees

The following instructions will guide you on how to preinstall the Fellow Chrome extension for all employees in your Google Admin.

Step 1/6: Navigate to the Google Admin console (

Step 2/6: From the navigation menu on the left, go to Devices → Chrome → Apps & Extensions → Users & Browsers

Step 3/6: On the bottom right corner of your screen, select Add Chrome app or extension by ID

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4/6: Enter the id nomeamlnnhgiickcddocjalmlhdfknpo and hit save.

Step 5/6: In the panel that opens up on the right, select the dropdown under Installation Policy and choose Force install + pin to browser toolbar.
Note that the pinning is to ensure visibility and also to grant access to the tray functionality within Fellow's extension. If you aren't comfortable automatically pinning, choose Force install instead.

Step 6/6: In the top-right corner of the screen, hit Save.

Once that is done, within the next few minutes the browser extension will be installed on all employee workstations which are signed-in to the browser.

For more information on automatic installs of extensions, visit Google's Help Article here.

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