Our Desktop App helps make Fellow even more accessible and convenient to use.

You will stay logged in and you won't have to search for Fellow across your browser tabs (I know I quickly close all the extra tabs before meetings ...).

And if you have an idea, you can jot it down directly in the desktop app (especially useful if you keep it open all the time)

How to Download the App

There are also two places where you can download the Fellow Desktop app within the web app.

First, there is a banner at the top:

If you have closed the banner, don't worry, there is also a place to Download the app in the help modal (the question mark at the bottom of the navigation).

How the Desktop App Works

Our desktop app works off Wifi. Think of it as an embedded web app available on the desktop. Fellow uses the wifi to update any changes, connect to your calendar and continuously autosave notes. You can tell if notes are being saved by checking the lightning bolt icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the note. It will change to red if it's not live-saving. As long as your connected to wifi, you should see a blue checkmark that indicates all changes have been saved. Since the app works off Wifi it is not available for offline use.

We also have a mobile app available for both Apple and Android!

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