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How to Connect the MS Teams Integration for Administrators
How to Connect the MS Teams Integration for Administrators
Setting up the Microsoft Teams Integration
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The MS Teams integration makes it easy to collaborate with your team and stay organized. You won't even need to leave the MS Teams app to use Fellow once the integration is connected!

We recommend Administrators of the MS Teams account set up the integration with Fellow prior to all other members connecting the integration. Once an Admin adds Fellow as an app, this will allow all teammates to access Fellow within Teams.

After the integration is connected, any newly created MS Teams meetings will automatically have a Fellow tab added. To add the Fellow tab to existing meetings, each user must log out and log back in to Fellow.

Connect the MS Teams integration within your Fellow account (Administrators)

When an admin grants the permission to Fellow from Workspace Settings > Integrations > MS Teams card, all meetings created after that will have the Fellow tab automatically added to them. Meeting participants can then open Fellow from within the call by clicking on the Fellow icon inside the call (only available on Teams web app - Teams limitation).

Step 1: Go into your Workspace settings and into and Integrations.

Click on the three dots at the top of the MS Teams card and select Authorize.

Step 2: Next, follow the steps for authentication and open your MS Teams account.

NOTE: You MUST be a Microsoft Teams admin in order to complete this step.

Step 3: Once you are in your MS Teams account, add Fellow as an app. Once Fellow has been added as an app, all members of the MS Teams workspace will have the ability to add a Fellow tab to any teams, channels and chats.

Step 4: Now that you have added Fellow as an app, any newly created meetings will automatically have the Fellow tab added in Teams. To add the Fellow tab to existing meetings, each user must log out of Fellow and log in again with Microsoft.

Allowing team members to add a tab within MS Teams

We recommend an Administrator of your MS Teams account enable the below settings. Allowing members to add or remove tabs will give them the ability to customize their channels and chats and add Fellow as a tab.

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