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Bring Fellow into Google Meet and Google Calendar

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There can be a lot to do right before a meeting.

You might end up juggling different windows/tabs trying to find the video call link, the meeting agenda, and any other relevant documents.

But Fellow's browser extensions should help relieve some of that headache. With the meeting overlay, your meeting notes will be right there when you open the video call link. And when you're planning your day, you can see if there are any incomplete action items that you need to complete before that days meeting.

Right now, the browser extension is available for both Google Chrome and Firefox - install it here!

More About The Features:

In Google Meet

The extension will let you collaborate on meeting notes and record action items right in Google Meet. Check out this video to see the extension in action

The Fellow note/overlay will appear on the right side of your meeting. This note is also fully editable, so you can type and format just like you would in the browser. If you would like to collapse the overlay, simply select the Fellow logo that is underneath the note on the lefthand side.

Google Calendar

In the Google calendar event description, Fellow adds a button to "Open Meeting Agenda" or "Add Fellow to this meeting". This will act as a quick-link to start writing or reading notes.

On your Google Calendar, you'll also see red icons on the day that an action item is due and/or on a meeting in which you have action items assigned to you.

This is a great reminder of what you need to accomplish and for when.

And if another action item comes to mind, click on the Fellow icon here to add an action item directly to your action item section.

Note: If you don't want to see these action item notifications, visit your User Settings within Fellow, then Notifications and scroll to the bottom to turn this feature off. The rest of the extension will still work. You just won't see the icons on your calendar.

Tray App in Extension

You can click on the Chrome or Firefox Extensions icon to pin Fellow for quick access. From there you can access the Fellow Tray App where you're able to view your schedule, access meeting notes, and manage action items!

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