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Transitioning to Fellow
Transitioning from Amazemeet to Fellow
Transitioning from Amazemeet to Fellow

Introduction to key features and integrations

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If you were previously using Amazemeet to organize your meetings, you’re likely now looking for a new option now that they have closed their business as of November 7, 2021. To make the transition to Fellow nice and easy, we’ve written this help article to highlight some of our key features that will help you get up and running as quickly as possible and stay on top of your meetings.

Setting up automations

We know your time is valuable so our team has created some great meeting automations! These automations only need to be configured once and can be set up under the three dot menu tab then “settings.” These meeting automations include:

  • Time Saver: If there is no agenda created for a meeting, Fellow will either automatically cancel the meeting or prompt participants to cancel it themselves. Because "no agenda, no attenda".

  • Pre-meeting Reminders: Send out automatic reminders to meeting participants before the meeting starts

  • Post-meeting Recaps: Send meeting attendees the notes after the meeting has ended.

  • Carry-forward: Incomplete talking points or action items can automatically be carried over to the next recurring meeting.

Apps & Integrations

Just like Amazemeet, Fellow has integrations for your most used apps and softwares! Check out this list to see some of the most used integrations on Fellow:

The Fellow Slack app has features for messages, the workflow builder, Slack app home, and various notifications.

Access Fellow meeting agendas and notes directly from Google Meet calls and Google Calendar

Use Fellow's Zoom app to view your meeting notes directly in your Zoom call. No second tab/window required!

Set it up so that action items created in Fellow will automatically sync with an Asana project.

Create Zaps to bring important information from other apps directly into Fellow, so you never miss an important conversation!


If you are making the switch from Amazemeet to Fellow, please let us know if we can help! Our support team is available via email ( or the Intercom bubble on the right hand corner of your screen. We're pretty fast to respond so you can expect an answer to your question within 24 hours. If there are any features that you miss/would like to see in Fellow, send us a quick message. We're always interested in feedback!

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