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Write Action Items Not Attached to a Meeting
Write Action Items Not Attached to a Meeting

Where to write action items that aren't attached to a calendar event.

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Sometimes there are action items that are not attached to meetings - these could be items on your daily todo list, or maybe tasks on a group project. 

Never fear - there is a spot to keep track of all of them in Fellow.

Option 1: Personal/Private

For personal todo lists or notes, you can create private note series in Fellow consisting of notes not associated to a meeting. Once you create a note series (by clicking on the plus button beside the text "Series"), the note works the same way as other notes in Fellow (like the 1-on-1 and meeting notes)

Feel free to create as many note series as you like. Here are some ideas about how to customize this area.

Option 2: Shared

You can also share your private notes to create a shared/collaborative space. These shared notes work great for group projects or team OKRs and goals. 

You can see who the note series is currently shared with by clicking on the "Share" button, then clicking "Manage Access". Here you can also add more people to the shared note. 

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