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Where you can find, sort, and edit all your action items

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My Action Items gives you an overview of the things on your plate.

In this article, we'll cover:

The Basics

Action items from your private (and shared) note series, 1-on-1s, and meetings are compiled in one place. Each action item will show the meeting that it came from, the due date (if it has one), and any integration pills. Integration pills indicate that that action item has been synced to an external tool such as Asana, Linear, ClickUp, etc.

These action items can be grouped by meeting, Due Date, Custom, or None (no groups).

What You Can Do

Organize Your Action Items

Use groups to organize your action items in the way that works best for you. This might be one of the Fellow defaults including by Due Date or by meeting. Or you can create your own custom groups.

These custom groups could be based on urgency (today, upcoming, later), specific projects, or similar tasks. Once you create a custom group, feel free to drag action items between groups and/or rearrange your groups.

Copy To Another Note

As you go through the list of outstanding action items, you may want to move items over to your Daily Planner or maybe a Group Project todo-list.

To do this, select the “Copy To…” option from the three dots drop down and select the place where you want it to go.

By linking the item, if the item gets checked off once - it will be checked off in all locations.

Search for Keywords/Meetings

In the top right hand corner, there is a search bar. Here you can enter any keywords or the name of the meeting to quickly find the action item that you are looking for.

Edit/Delete/Mark as Won't Do

By clicking on the three vertical dots at the far end of the line, you will see more options including editing the item and deleting. There is also the option to mark an action item as "Won't do". This is great for tasks that are no longer relevant, out of date, or just not going to get done.

Create New Action Items

If there is something missing, you can create an action item right in the section. There are two place where you can do this:

  1. Click on the Create action item button in the upper right hand corner

  2. In the custom view, click on the plus icon next the the main inbox

Either way, this will then open a pop-up for you to create your action item.

If you are powering through and creating multiple action items, turn on the Create more toggle to make the process more efficient.

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