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Customizing Questions in Feedback
Customizing Questions in Feedback

How to write and re-use questions in feedback

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Getting the Questions

In the "Customize Questions" section on the feedback card, you can:

Type any question that you would like to ask

Write out your question and select what form you would like the response to be in (ex. star scale, short answer, or single answer/multiple choice)

Individualize with the user's name

Try using the placeholder {{user}} for the subject's name. This is great when you are building a feedback template and would like to personalize the questions

Copy or duplicate any question

Change the order of the questions

Drag and drop the questions to move them around. (Just press and hold the grid icon)

Apply a pre-existing feedback template

By clicking on the "Browse Templates" section

Using Set of Questions again

If you'd like to use the same feedback questions again, you have a couple of options!

The first would be to save your feedback request as a template while drafting it by selecting save as template:

And the second option would be re-use the questions after sending out your initial feedback request. You can do this by viewing your previous feedback request, clicking on the more actions menu then re-use questions.

For example, if you create a 360 template, you can re-use the questions for your other direct reports

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