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Ask for Feedback About Something Else
Ask for Feedback About Something Else

Ask for feedback in other areas (like projects, other people, etc.)

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The "Ask about something else" feature, gives you the ability to ask about something not covered in the other options (ask about myself, ask about someone on my team, or ask about a meeting).

This could be asking about:

  • a specific project

  • someone not on your team

  • what people want for lunch

  • (or anything else that you think of)

To do this, first select the Ask about something else option from the + icon in the upper right hand corner.

This will open the normal feedback card, but this time add what you are asking about.

A book may not be the right emoji, so feel free to change it. If you are talking about lunch, then a food emoji would be great!

Then add the people you would like to ask, a subject, and your questions.

If you are asking about someone not on your team, the process will be the same but be aware that the notifications will be different.

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