One of the best parts about Fellow is that your calendar is linked directly to meeting notes. Currently, Fellow supports either Office365 or Google calendars. (At the moment Fellow doesn't support Microsoft Exchange calendars). And Fellow supports Outlook calendars as long as they are part of Office365.

Sometimes, your events might be spread out across multiple calendars. The good news is that Fellow now supports multiple calendars!

However, there are 2 conditions:

  1. Calendar is on the same Google/Office account that is linked with Fellow

  2. You have full permission to edit/view this calendar

    * You can link a Google calendar you do not own, but have editing access to. You can not link an Office calendar that you do not own, but have editing access to *

Building and elaborating on those conditions:

(If you want to learn more about how to sync multiple calendars, check out this article)

Calendars on the same Google/Office account

These are the calendars that appear on your main Google/Office calendar under the "My calendars" section.

If you have multiple calendars like these within the same Google/Office account, then you can sync these calendars in Fellow. However, you are not able to sync calendars belonging to a second Google/Office account.

For example, I could sync Calendar A, B, C with Fellow since they are all part of the same Google/Office account. But I cannot sync Calendars E, F, G because they are tied to a separate Google/Office account/email.

You need to have full permissions to edit this calendar

This means that for this calendar, you can: view events, edit events, manage invitees, etc.

In Google, you can see these permissions by going to "Settings" --> "Settings for my calendar "--> Click on the calendar --> Scroll down until "Share with specific people". The full permissions that you'll need in order to sync this calendar with Fellow is "Make changes and manage sharing"

In Office, click on the calendar under "My calendars" --> click on the three horizontal dots at the end of the row --> "Sharing and permissions". The full permissions that you'll need in order to sync this calendar with Fellow is "Can edit"

For example, if I have calendars A,B,C,D as part of my main Google/Office account, I will be able to sync calendars A,B,C because I am the owner/have full permissions. I will not be able to sync calendar D with Fellow because I only have partial access. Which means that I will not be able to see any of the events from calendar D within Fellow.

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