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Managing Client and Company Notes
Managing Client and Company Notes

Tips to organize your notes for different clients and companies

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If you're using Fellow for customer facing calls, you'll find this article particularly helpful for keeping your client meetings in order.

Using a CRM

Don't forget to check out our HubSpot and Salesforce integrations while you're visiting the Help Centre!

You are easily able to take notes in Fellow then send them to the associated deals, contacts, and/or companies within HubSpot and SalesForce for visibility across your teams. This can be set up so that notes are automatically sent 3hours after the call has ended.

Our both our HubSpot and Salesforce integrations can now include your Copilot recording if there is one associated with your Fellow note to keep everything organized for you.

CRM with Copilot Recap.mp4 [crop output image]

Using Tags

If you're meeting with different individuals from a company, it can be helpful to have a way of tracking these meetings across your account.

You can do this by creating a custom tag for that company, and applying it within the notes you have with people from this company. This tag can then be applied into your meeting notes/headers when you meet with someone from this company.


When you search the tag, any notes and meetings where this tag was used will populate in your search results. Click here to learn more about search in Fellow.

Home Panel

Tags can be pinned to your home panel for quick, easy access! Simply click into your round user icon in the top left corner, and select "tags" from the drop down menu. Once you locate the tag you wish to pin, you can click the vertical 3 dot menu next to it and add it to your home panel. Click here for more information on customizing your home panel.

Once your tag is pinned in your home panel, you can click into it anytime and the search results for that tag will automatically open to the right.

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