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Record, transcribe, and generate a summary of your meeting with the AI Fellow Meeting Copilot πŸ’ͺ

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Fellow has built AI powered recording, transcription, and summarization to help you and your team:

  • Stay present, focused, and engaged in the discussion

  • Search transcripts to easily find and dig into the details at a later time

  • Share with stakeholders after to limit attendees but keep them in the loop

  • Effortlessly maintain an accurate record of discussions and decisions in one place

In this article we'll go through all the information you need to use the Meeting Copilot in every meeting:

To get started you'll need to invite the Fellow Meeting Copilot to your Google Meet, MS Teams, or Zoom calls. Make sure your workspace administrator has enabled AI on your workspace, as this will be required before inviting the Fellow Meeting Copilot to any of your meetings.

Steps to initiate the recording, transcription, and summarization

  1. Schedule the Fellow Meeting Copilot to join and auto-record your call by toggling on Auto-record. There are a few places to do this from:

    1. Click on the lightning bolt icon in the upper right hand corner of the note to access your Automations in settings and toggle on Auto-record.

    2. Toggle on Auto-record from the bottom of the note in Fellow

  2. If you do not wish to toggle on Auto-record to schedule the Fellow Meeting Copilot to join, you can instead start the recording by pressing the "Start recording" button.

    Note: the button to record will appear 5 minutes before the scheduled start time of your meeting. This can be done from the note in Fellow and in the Fellow Chrome extension as well.

  3. Whether you decided to invite the Fellow Meeting Copilot manually or set the Auto-record automation, in order to start recording your call, you'll need to allow the Fellow Meeting Copilot to join every meeting you want to get transcribed and summarized.

  4. Once the Fellow Meeting Copilot has joined your meeting, run your meeting as normal. The Fellow Meeting Copilot will start recording and transcribing right away.

  5. Stop recording by hanging up the call.

  6. Now the magic happens - the Fellow Meeting Copilot will process the meeting transcription to generate an AI powered meeting summary and chapters. This might take a minute or two

  7. Click on the Meeting Recap to view the recording and transcript of the meeting. Check here everything you can see and edit in the Meeting Recap window.

    If you're looking for a recording from a previous meeting, here you can check a few places where you'll find them.

Fellow Meeting Copilot Settings

If you go to your User Settings, you'll be able to set up all the preferences for the Fellow Meeting Copilot in your account.

Here you can choose when on how you want the Fellow Meeting Copilot to behave, and who you want the recaps to be sent to.

Scheduling Fellow Meeting Copilot Using My Week

Using My Week, you can create events and add the Fellow Meeting Copilot to your meetings all in one spot.

Creating New Events

  1. Navigate to My Week, located near the top of your Home Panel to view your calendar events for the week.

  2. Near the top left of the My Week window, click the grey plus sign button to begin creating a new event.

  3. Near the bottom of the newly popped up Create event panel, verify the Record and summarize toggle is turned on. Once on, the Fellow Meeting Copilot will automatically join the meeting and any future meeting occurence if recurring.

Inviting the Fellow Meeting Copilot to Existing Events

  1. In My Week, click on a future event to open the event details panel.

  2. Turn the Record and summarize toggle on and going forward, the Fellow Meeting Copilot will join the meeting and any future meetings if recurring.

Using the Fellow Meeting Copilot

To start, each user on a Fellow workspace will have the ability to invite the Fellow Meeting Copilot to 5 meetings and generate recordings, transcriptions, and summaries for each of those meetings.

If you are interested in learning more about Fellow Meeting Copilot or want to upgrade to unlimited records, one of our meeting experts will be happy to help!

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