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Check everything you can do with the information you get from the Meeting Copilot

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After having the Meeting Copilot record, transcribe and summarize your meeting, you'll see the Meeting Recap in your note. You'll just need to click on it to display all the details.

Using this window you'll be able to see the following features:


Watch the recording. Don't forget to use our mini-player so that you can use the app and even update the corresponding note at the same time you're watching the recording.


Read through the transcript or use auto-scroll to sync with the video.

Summary and Chapters

Check out the summary and chapters for your meeting. All chapters will auto-expand and auto-scroll as the video plays.

You can also edit these by clicking on the pencil icon:

Action items and decisions:

Action items and decisions will be found here and they can be edited if needed:

Key events

See key events on the video timeline and the transcript. You'll be able to see when you joined or left the call, when anybody started/ended sharing their screen.

Meeting Stats

Find statistics that can help you understand how effective and efficient your meeting was. Here you'll be able to see:

  • Start time: The time at which the last required attendee who RSVPed “yes” joined the meeting.

  • End time: The time at which the last word in the transcript finished being spoken.

  • Participation: The percentage of the total amount of speaking time for each attendee in the meeting.

  • Attendance: The time each attendee joined and left according to the bot.

Sharing and Downloading

Share a link to the recap by clicking "Share recap". Then select if you want to make it available for your workspace or if you want to create a public link:

Download the content: recording, summary, action items and transcript by clicking on this button:

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