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How to Move Action Items to the Daily Planner in Bulk
How to Move Action Items to the Daily Planner in Bulk

Don't waste time moving action items one by one! With this hack you can save time by moving action items in bulk!

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What is my Daily Planner?

Your Daily Planner is a flexible document that you can use to manage everything you need to do in a day! This is why sometimes you may need to move action items to the Daily Planner, as a part of your daily tasks. Action items do not automatically go to the Daily Planner (that's what the "My Action Items" tab is for!) because not all action items will fall into the category of your tasks for the day!

How to Move Action Items to the Daily Planner in Bulk

There is a faster way to move multiple action items into your 'Daily Planner', by using Fellow's bulk action item options!


  1. You can move action items in bulk by holding "shift" and selecting each item in the list you wish to move, or you can hold "shift" and select the top and bottom action item to select everything in between.

  2. Once you have highlighted all the items that you would like to move, you can click the three vertical dots next to any action item to open the "more actions" menu. You can then select the option to "Copy to".

3. Once you have selected "Copy to", this window will appear which allows you to search for the meeting, 1-1, or note where you'd like to copy the action items to.

4. Next, choose whether or not you want this to be a linked copy.

If it's linked, there will be a purple link icon on the left of the action items. And if you check off the item in one place, this will be reflected in the other place.I'm going to copy these linked copies to My Daily Planner by clicking copy action items.

If it's not linked, then the item will be more like copy/paste where you will have two copies of the same action item that are independent from the other.

*Note - The bulk "Copy to" function is only available under the 'My Action Items' tab not on meeting notes or notes.

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