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How to Delete Action Items in Bulk
How to Delete Action Items in Bulk

Don't waste time deleting action items one at a time. With this handy hack, you can delete multiple items simultaneously!

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How to Delete Action Items in Bulk

There is a faster way to delete multiple action items under your My Action Items, by using Fellow's bulk action item options! Keep in mind, Fellow does offer the option to mark action items as won't do instead of deleting them so that way you'll still retain a copy in your note history. If you're still looking to delete these, follow our guide below:


  1. You can bulk delete items by holding shift and selecting each item in the list you wish to delete, or you can hold shift and select the top and bottom action item to select everything in between.

  2. Once you have highlighted all the items that you would like to delete, you can click the three vertical dots next to any action item to open the menu. You can then select the option to delete (#) action items.

*Note - The bulk deleting function is only available under the My Action Items tab not on meeting notes.

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