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Who is my Fellow account admin?
Who is my Fellow account admin?

You can find this information in your User Settings

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Sometimes you just need to know who your Fellow admin is. This might be because you need assistance adding/removing people on your workspace, changing reporting relationships, updating company wide templates, or setting up integrations.


  1. Click on your avatar/icon in the upper left hand corner and click on User settings

2. Within the pop up and under the Profile option, scroll down until you see the Workspace details and Workspace administrator field

How to change a Member to an Administrator

To make another workspace member an admin, you will need to go into the manage users page first. You will then have visibility of all members within your workspace. By selecting the triple dot menu on the left side of a user, you can edit them and set their status as an admin.

*Please note that managing users and changing a status can only be done by an Admin or we will require confirmation from an Admin in order to make this change.

That's it! If you run into any issues please message us and we'd be happy to help.

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