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Deleting your Workspace
Deleting your Workspace

Permanently deleting your account removes all data and content from our databases.

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Looking to delete your Fellow workspace? This article is here to help outline next steps and answer FAQs related to the deletion process including:

Note: if there are multiple people on your workspace but you would just like to delete your user account, you can follow the procedure outlined here.

How to Delete your Fellow Workspace

At this time, there are two options to delete your Fellow workspace

  1. If you are the only user on your workspace, you can proceed with self-serve deletion as outlined below.

  2. If there are multiple users on your workspace, you will need to make a request through the Intercom chat bubble located on the bottom right of Fellow, or send an email to

Option 1: Self-Serve Deletion for Single User Workspaces

  1. Click on your workspace logo and click on user settings.

  2. Ensure you're on the Profile section, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Delete Account.

  1. Next you will need to confirm the user account deletion by

    1. Providing a reason for deletion (ex. leaving the organization, switching to another tool)

    2. Typing the text "delete"

    3. Checking that you confirm the deletion of your user account and your workspace

  2. You will then see a notice that your user account and workspace will be permanently deleted in 72 hours.

  3. Once the account has been fully deleted you will also receive an email to confirm that your user account and workspace has been deleted.

If you change your mind within this 72 hour period and don't want to delete your user account, you can cancel the request by selecting the cancel deletion option. This will cancel your request and allow you to resume using your user account and workspace.

Option 2: Request Workspace Wide Deletion for Multi-User Workspaces

  1. If your workspace has multiple users, please ensure all members of the workspace are made aware of the deletion request.

  2. Export all relevant information from the account. If multiple users are on the workspace, we recommend providing a timeline for all members to have their information exported by.

  3. Send a message to support through the Intercom chat bubble at the bottom of your screen or email In order to be as efficient as possible, we ask that you provide the following information in your request

    1. Specify that you would like to have your entire workspace deleted as opposed to just your user account

    2. Include the name of the workspace that you would like to have deleted

    3. The reason why you would like to delete your account (We're always interested in user feedback to help improve our app and any insight would be helpful!)

    4. Confirmation that the other users on your workspace are aware of the pending deletion.

What happens when your workspace is deleted

All your data and content will be permanently removed from our database. The account deletion process can take up to 72 hours. After this period, It's important to note that information won't be able to be restored.

How to Export account information

There are multiple ways you can export the contents within your account. Please follow the link below to learn more about each option:

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