How to Delete your Account

At this time, Fellow workspaces can be deleted by request. You can make your request through the Intercom chat bubble located on the bottom right of Fellow, or via email to

To best serve you, we ask that the following information is included in your request:

  1. If you would like your personal account deleted or the entirety of the workspace

  2. Include the name of the workspace or email of the personal account you would like deleted

  3. The reason why you would like to delete the account. (We're always interested in user feedback to help improve our app and any insight would be helpful!)

What Happens When your Account is Deleted

All your data and content will be permanently removed from our database. The account deletion process can take up to 48 hours. After this period, It's important to note that information won't be able to be restored.

Prepare to Delete your Account

We recommend you take a few steps before submitting your account deletion request.

Step 1- If your workspace has multiple users, please ensure all members of the workspace are made aware of the deletion request.

Step 2- Export all relevant information from the account. If multiple users are on the workspace, we recommend providing a timeline for all members to have their information exported by.

Step 3- Please ensure your deletion request is specific and includes all information mentioned above.

How to Export account information

There are multiple ways you can export the contents within your account. Please follow the link below to learn more about each option:

  1. Export Stream to Google Docs

  2. Print or Save as PDF

  3. Send Notes via Email, Slack or MS Teams

  4. Export Data

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