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Export Stream to Google Docs
Export Stream to Google Docs

Export your entire stream into a Google Doc where you can save as a PDF and/or print

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If you would like to see this integration in action, check out this video.

In the upper right hand corner of the note, there is a triple dot menu which will give you the option to "Export to Google Docs"

A modal will appear giving you the option to rename or edit the name of the document (and whether or not to include private notes).

After pressing export, it will take a few seconds for the export to complete. After it is complete, you'll have the option to "View in Google Drive".

As an example, this is how a stream will look like once exported.

In addition to the note content, you'll be able to see the Assignee, the Due Date, and any formatting that you added.

If you have private notes in the stream, you'll have the option whether or note to include them. If these notes are just for your personal records, then it's great to include. If you are planning on sharing these notes with someone else, it is something that you may not want to include.

Once exported, any private notes will be highlighted, to make sure that you don't accidentally share these notes on purpose.

You can also export a single note from a stream into a Google doc by clicking send notes within that meeting note.

Once you've clicked send notes, a modal will appear where you can select how you wish to export the notes.

A single meeting note exported as a Google doc will have the same formatting and appearance as when you export an entire stream (outlined above).

Note: When connecting you Google account, Fellow will ask permissions. We only ask for access to create documents, we will not be able to view any of your other content

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