The action items section in Fellow is set up to help you get stuff done! When you first open the My Action Items page, you will see three tabs across the top: Grouping, Sort, Filter

In this article, we'll discuss what each of these are, and how they can help organize your action items.


Groups are different categories for you to organize your action items in terms of Due Date, Stream (i.e. the stream where that action item was created), whatever works best for you (aka a Custom group), or None (no grouping).

For custom groups, any unsorted/ungrouped action item will be compiled in a main inbox and action items can be dragged between groups. These custom groups can be rearranged/reordered as well.


Within groups, you can also decide whether you would like your action items sorted in a Custom way, by Due Date or by Date Created.

This can help you prioritize what tasks need to be done first, and which ones would be ok to wait.


Besides groups and filters, you'll also have the option to Show completed action items and/or Show action items marked as won't do.

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