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How you can share notes with non-meeting attendees or people outside of your organization

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In the spirit of transparency and collaboration, there are often notes that need to be viewed by different types of people.

There are four main ways to share with Fellow:

We'll break down each of these methods in more detail

Send the agenda before/after the meeting via email/Slack/Teams

Before or after the meeting, send a "hard" copy of the notes to meeting attendees or people outside of the meeting. This is a great way to wrap up the meeting and have everyone on the same page.

These notes (especially when sent via email) are more stagnant compared to some of the other sharing method - meaning that the recipient won't see real time edits. In order to edit these notes, the individual would need to login to Fellow and have access to that note series.

Share with other teammates

You can add teammates to either meetings notes or note series by clicking on the "Share" button in the upper right hand corner of the note. This will share the entire contents of the note series with them. And their avatars will appear on notes going forward.

This button might appear greyed out if you only have partial access to the note series. This tends to happen to meetings where you are not the meeting organizer and/or you don't have permission to add attendees.

Invite guest users

Fully collaborate with individuals outside of your company by inviting them to your Fellow workspace as a guest user. Once explicitly invited, a guest user will be able to add to the agenda, assign action items, and edit any text.

This is great for meetings with consultants, sales calls, or even board meetings. Note: just because the individual has been invited to the calendar event does NOT mean that they will automatically have Fellow access. They will need to be invited as a guest directly from Fellow.

Guest Users is a paid features, and only individuals outside of your organization can be invited as Guest Users.

Share a public "view-only" link

Provide a public link for non-meeting attendees so that these individuals can follow along with the live notes. This means that you can share a live version of the Fellow notes without having to invite the person to Fellow (as a Guest or Member)

This can be great for Sales calls, Town-Halls, or large committee meetings.

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