Managing Guest Users

How to invite Guests to your workspace, and manage their relationships once they are there

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If you often collaborate with people external to your organizations (like customers, consultants, and investors), then Guest Users is the feature for you!

Here are more details about how you can go about inviting them:

A Guest User can only be invited explicitly from Fellow. If they are already on the calendar invite, you will still need to go into Fellow and explicitly invite them using either method shown below.

Note: The users who can invite Guests is up to the Workspace Administrator. There is a toggle in Workspace settings --> Security where administrators can decide whether or not members (non-administrators) are able to invite users to the workspace.

All Members * (including Administrators)

* if administrators enabled this option

To invite a Guest User to a stream, you will need to have full access to that stream, meaning that you have access to every note in the stream. (i.e. you've been attending that meeting since the start)

When you click Share, you will then be prompted to add in the email of your guest. It's ok if they have already been invited as a Guest - if they are already able to access your workspace, you will be able to select their name/email as opposed to entering the entire email address.

You will then be prompted to continue with the inviting process. Feel free to double check their email so that you invite the right person.

Once everyone is invited, you will be able to see the number of people who can see/access the stream.

And you will be able to the privileges of each attendee. (Some may have limited access and may not be able to invite guests)

Administrators Only

As an account administrator, you might be pretty familiar with the Manage Users section! In this section there are two tabs: one for members, and one for guests.

To add a Guest, the mechanism is very similar to adding a new member. First click on the Add new user button in the upper right hand corner.

This will open a modal where you can add their name, email and any other information you would like to add (like their job title and/or manager). You will be able to see how many more guests you are able to invite at the bottom of the modal.

Once a user has been added, you will be able to Edit and Disable user.

A Guest User will not be able to add/update their manager. To do this, simply click on Edit user and add the manager to that field.

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