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How to use/access Fellow as a Guest User

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If this is your first time using Fellow - Welcome! We're happy you're here :)

This article is going to outline some typical scenarios that a new guest user (such as an investor, a contractor, or a client) will experience, including how to access the notes that have been shared and how to find them again.

If you are interested in learning more about what you can see/do as a Guest, this article goes into more detail.

Someone invites you to be a Guest user for the first time

  1. Once someone invites you to collaborate on Fellow, you'll receive an email in your inbox from Fellow saying that a note series has been shared with you. (Note: a note series is what we call a series of related notes, in this case it is the notes for an upcoming meeting)

  2. Click on the View button in the email, and you'll be taken right to the meeting note. That's it!

Logging back in for the next instance of the meeting

  1. Before the next meeting you will receive an email reminding that you have an upcoming meeting on Fellow.

  2. Click on the View meeting button. This will take you back to the same meeting.

  3. You can scroll down and see the previous meeting's note.

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