If someone shares a stream with you, you'll receive an email with a link to "Join Your Team"

Note: If this is your first time a a guest user on Fellow, learn more about what you can see/do here

If you have already been invited to the stream, logged out and would like to log-in again, navigate to the organizations url (if you don't know this, feel free to ask one of members who you met with).

It will likely be [the name of the organization].fellow.app (an example company url is highlighted below in the purple box)

This will prompt you for you email where we will send a link for you to access that stream. If you stay logged in, you should be able to continue to access the stream without logging in for about 2 weeks (unless they remove you as a guest user). After 2 weeks, you'll just need to navigate to the url and log-in again.

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