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Where's the best place to put my to-dos just for myself to see?
Where's the best place to put my to-dos just for myself to see?

Check out Private Streams and the Action Items Page

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A great place to organize your to-dos is within your Action Items page. With the Action Items page all your action items from all streams will appear in one place. You can also create action items from within this page that will not be associated with a specific meeting.

Another place to put your personal to-do lists would be in a Private Stream under Streams. You can create different streams to have a place for your daily to-dos, personal reflection, or even your personal goals. Here are some more ideas about how to use these streams.

Notes in Private Streams work just like any other note in Fellow. You can add any action items, notes, etc. You can create a new note each day to have 1 ongoing stream of your personal todos.

And you can set it up so that any incomplete action items/talking points are carried forward. (To set this up click on stream settings (the lightning bolt in the top right corner of the page) > Carry-forward. Learn more here)

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