Talking Points (or agenda items) are represented by the circle (❍) in Fellow notes. There are 4 main methods to add action items to notes. These 4 methods can be used in 1-on-1s, meetings, and private/shared streams. 

Here are all four in action:

To break those down ....

Method 1 - (+) Icon 

By hovering your cursor over the far left of the note (the edge) you will see a (+) sign. When you click on this (+) sign, you will open up this menu where you can select the "Talking Point".

Method 2 - Keyboard shortcut () 

If you are all about speed and efficiency, you can use this keyboard shortcut (it's super handy)

Method 3 - Toolbar

First type out the text that you want to be a talking point.
Then highlight that text, which will open the toolbar.
Then select the circle icon to make that text a talking point. 

Method 4 - Slash Menu

You can also open up this menu by using the slash ( / ) command. Then select "Talking Point"

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