Do you have a set of questions that you would like to use every time, for a bunch of feedback requests?

Feedback templates are here to make your life a whole lot easier. 

There are two places to make these templates. 

(Check out this video for step by step instructions)

1-In the Feedback Section

The process starts the same as creating any feedback request. Once you fill out all the relevant fields - subject, recipients, etc, you can start typing your questions. 

Once you start typing, you will see an option pop up to "Save as template". Note: In order to have this option, you will have to input some text in the "Type your question here...". If any questions are blank, then the "Save as template" will not appear.

After clicking on "Save as template" a pop-up will appear encouraging you to name the template and to provide a description. 

The final step is to click the green "Save template" button in the bottom corner. 

2-In User Settings --> My Templates

When you click on your company logo in the top left corner, you will see a drop down showing a "User settings" option. 

In User Settings, go to the "My Templates section"

First, change the type of templates you are viewing from "Note Templates" to "Feedback Templates"

The select "Create new template" in the upper right hand corner, right about the "Viewing: Feedback templates" box. 

Select the which Feedback category you would like to make a template for: Someone, Something else, Meeting, Give feedback. 

From there, add any questions you would like.

When you are finished entering your questions, description, and title, click on the "Save template" button in the upper right hand corner.

Accessing Your Templates

To use these templates, in the feedback section, click on "Browse questions" at the bottom of the card. You can then choose to see "Company templates" or your own ("My templates"). 

Outside of the feedback section, you can access and edit your templates at any time by going to the User Settings --> My templates section. 

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