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Using the Meeting Copilot for In-Person Meetings
Using the Meeting Copilot for In-Person Meetings

Learn how you can use the Fellow AI Meeting Copilot for your in-person meetings

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We understand that using Fellow in a room where everyone is looking at their computers might seem different than the traditional pre-pandemic meeting format, however, Fellow can still enhance your in-person meetings πŸš€ We recognize the importance of face time and the dynamic that it creates in in-person meetings. Our primary goal is to enhance your meetings, no matter the format 😊

Benefits of using Fellow IRL for your meetings:

  1. Meeting Preparation: Set the stage for a productive meeting by outlining the structure & supporting resources ahead of time. This is great for encouraging collaboration and accountability amongst your team!

  2. Recording Key Decisions & Action Items: Ensure nothing falls through the cracks by capturing decisions and next steps in real-time.

  3. Sending Follow-up Notes: Sending post-meeting recap and/or Copilot Recaps ensures that everyone leaves the meeting on the literal same page.


When using the Meeting Copilot for in-person meetings you'll want to ensure each attendee joins the video call from their own device. If attendees do not join individually and their voices come through a single device, then the Copilot will not differentiate who was speaking in your meeting transcript.

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