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As the admin or the billing contact, knowing how your bill is calculated can come in handy. Keep reading to learn more about how your Fellow subscription is calculated!

Billing Updates - May 2nd, 2024

As of May 2nd 2024, the amount of seats purchased under the term of your agreement can be easily switched to different team members from team members who no longer require a seat. While you cannot reduce your seat count during the term of your agreement, you always have the opportunity to right-size your user count at your next renewal.

What does this mean for workspace administrators?

  1. Simple invoices -> Your invoice will be easier to read through, with fewer lines of invoice items πŸ’ͺ

  2. Less to keep track of -> Your seat count won't change within your billing period unless someone new joins you team. This means more predictability, more flexibility for workspace changes, and fewer invoices to keep track of as an administrator!

How Does it Work?

Subscription Seats

At the start of each billing cycle (monthly or yearly), your workspace is billed for the number of enabled users at that time. Think of it as pre-paying for a set number of user seats in your Fellow workspace. Upon renewal, your seat count will correspond with the current number of enabled users in your workspace at that time, which can be viewed by workspace administrators from workspace settings > manage users.

What if a user leaves?

If someone leaves your workspace and their account has been disabled, their subscription seat in the workspace will be "freed up". You can invite another teammate to join your workspace to fill this subscription seat.

TIP: We don't recommend "recycling" a user's account after they leave. New members joining should start with their own brand new account they can use from scratch.

What if my seat count increases during my subscription period?

Your subscription seat count can increase part way through your billing cycle, and will be billed for the following month. If your user count increases, we calculate the amount owing based on when the additional user seat became enabled in relation to your billing period.

For example, if your seat count increases by 1 and you are 5 months into your 12 month subscription, you will receive an invoice for 7 months of usage. Please note, for simplicity this example uses months, but don't worry - we calculate this usage right down to single day!

If your subscription's seat count goes up part way through your billing period, your workspace administrator will receive an email letting them know the seat count has increased, and allows for 5 days before the seat count change begins. If the administrator wishes to disable the additional user who increased the seat count in this time period, they can do so from their workspace settings > manage users.

Have questions? Email or click the blue button in the bottom right corner of your screen to reach our Support team 😊

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