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Troubleshooting tips for your carry-forward settings

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There are two carry-forward methods within Fellow. You can use carry-forward automations in your settings, or you can use it per-note from within the vertical 3-dot menu of a single note. Below you can learn how to troubleshoot for both carry-forward settings.

Carry-forward: Settings

Carry-forward automation enabled in your settings will apply to that specific meeting. Enabling this automation in pre-existing meetings will not change your notes retroactively, and will only apply to new notes moving forward.

Settings: Why aren't incomplete items carrying forward?

Please first confirm that your carry-forward automations are enabled within your settings.

The most likely cause of items not carrying forward is that notes are being generated too far in advance in the meetings. Incomplete items will carry forward only at the time the next note is created in the meeting.

This means if you have a blank note for a meeting in 2 weeks and then create a note for the next meeting after that, there aren't yet any items to carry-forward at the time of note creation. When the meeting in 2 weeks occurs, any incomplete items remaining in the meeting note will not carry-forward, since the following note was already created before those items existed.

Next Step Options

  • If your team doesn't want to stop creating future notes, using the per-note carry-forward settings will likely work best for your use-case. If you go this route, we would recommend disabling your carry-forward automations to avoid items being carried-forward twice.

  • If the notes created in advance do not yet have content within them you need to keep, you can delete the notes and then only create the next note when the prior meeting is finished. Please note, that deleting meeting notes is permanent and the content within them is not recoverable.

  • If you would like to only create one note in advance moving forward, but can't delete the future notes because they have content added already, you can use the per-note carry-forward until you're caught up on your notes. Once you're caught up, you can switch to only using the carry-forward function in your settings and create your next note when the prior meeting finishes.


Below you can see that instead of the "new note" button you see "load more". This indicates that more notes exist in this meeting. This can help you identify if there may be future notes generated in your meetings.

Settings: Completed Items Carrying Forward

If completed items were carried forward into the next note in a meeting, this indicates that the item was not marked as complete at the time the next note was made. You can confirm this by clicking into the version history of the note to see when the item was marked as completed, and then look to see the date the next note was generated.

Note: Version History is only available to Pro plans (and above)

New notes in a meeting can be created by clicking the "new note" button, or by clicking into a future instance of that event in the "meetings" view of their left control panel. Any users within the meeting can do this.

Carry-forward: Per-Note

Click here to learn more about per-note carry-forward ๐Ÿ’ก


  • When using the carry-forward settings within a note, you want to make sure you're clicking the vertical 3 dot menu within the note you wish to bring any incomplete items into.

  • We recommend disabling the carry-forward automation in your settings if you plan to use the per-note carry-forward option instead. If you use both the meeting-level and note-level carry-forward functions you will see items being carried forward twice (once from each function separately).

Per-Note: Option(s) Greyed Out

If one or both carry-forward options are greyed out in the drop-down menu, this indicates there are no incomplete items of this type in the prior note to carry-forward.

Below you can see that "Carry forward action items" is greyed out and not clickable This means that there are not presently any incomplete action items in the prior note.

Per-Note: Duplication

  1. This may indicate the per-note carry-forward function was used more than once in this note. If you are on a Pro or above subscription, you can click into your version history to see more information about when these items carried-forward.

  2. You may see duplicated incomplete items if you are using both the meeting-level carry-forward automation and the per-note carry-forward function. If you wish to use the per-note option in a meeting, we recommend disabling your automated carry-forward settings from your settings.

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