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How to set up meeting guidelines for your workspace as a workspace administrator

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**Meeting guidelines are part of the Enterprise plan**

Meeting guidelines are a great way to shape meeting habits across your organization and hold all meeting attendees and organizers to the same standards. Built-in prompts in Google Calendar guide the members of your workspace to apply best practices when booking meetings. Below, we'll outline the steps to configure these settings as a workspace administrator.


  1. [recommended] Mass install the browser extension. This will ensure that everyone in your workspace will be able to see the guidelines because the meeting guidelines are a feature of the browser extensions. Full instructions can be found here.

  2. Open Workspace Settings

  3. Scroll down to Meeting Guidelines

  4. Review the meeting guidelines. For most of the guidelines, you'll just need to turn the toggle on or off.

    For 'No-meeting day' and 'Speedy meetings' there are a few additional settings:

    1. 'No-meeting day' - first turn on the guideline, then select which day of the week you would like to set as a no meeting day

    2. 'Speedy meetings'- first turn on the toggle, then select whether you would like the meetings to start late or end early

      1. Start late means that by default meetings will start 5 or 10 minutes later. For instance, an hour long meeting at 11:00am meeting starts at 11:10am.

      2. End early means that by default meetings will end 5 or 10 minutes early. For instance, a 30min meeting starting at 2:00 will end at 2:25.

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