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Set up no agenda reminder & cancellation automation.
Set up no agenda reminder & cancellation automation.

How to set-up the Time Saver automation for a meeting

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It seems like everybody wants a little time back in their calendar. Any attendee can set up Fellow's no agenda reminder & cancellation automation, but as the meeting organizer this will help remove potentially unproductive meetings (with no agenda) from your calendar and give you the time back in your calendar.

*** Meeting Automations are a Pro Feature ***


  1. Visit that meeting serie and click on the lightning bolt icon (⚡️) underneath the header

    or click on More Actions --> Settings --> Automations

  2. Click on the toggle next to no agenda reminder & cancellation to turn it on (or press Configure)

  3. Now it's all about deciding on the specific settings when there is no agenda..

    1. Send out a reminder

      1. Send out a reminder and display a banner to encourage meeting attendees to cancel the event themselves.

      b. Automatically cancel the event

  4. Press Save and let the no agenda reminder & cancellation automation work it's magic.

Note: You can edit these settings at any time by repeating steps 1-2 and clicking on Configure.

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