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How do I find my old notes?
How do I find my old notes?

Searching for previous meeting notes? Let's find them!

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There are a few different ways to locate your older meeting notes. You can use Fellow's search function, tags, or locating the meeting itself. Here is a breakdown of how to use each feature for the most effective results!

Option 1: Search

Fellow has a great search feature accessible from the home panel which allows you to search by note content or meeting name using key words.

Option 2: Tags

If you've used a workspace tag in the notes you're looking for, you're able to easily search by tag! You can search by tag in the search function listed above, or use the tags you have bookmarked on your home panel to quickly pull up any relevant notes.

Option 3: Locating the Meeting

If you know when the meeting with the notes you're searching for took place, you're able to easily browse your calendar from the meetings panel.

If the meeting was recent, you're able to quickly scroll through the dates to find what you're looking for:

Or you can click on the date at the top which will give you a drop-down calendar where you can quickly scroll further back in time:

Still can't find what you need? Connect with our support team through the blue chat bubble or send an email to and we'd be happy to help you!

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