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View Action Items Assigned to Others
View Action Items Assigned to Others

Gain visibility into your teammates action items

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A great way to build accountability within your team is by checking in on the status of various action items.

Note: It’s important to mention that you’ll only be able to see action items assigned to others in notes that you have access to. For example, if Person A is in a meeting with Person B, then Person A can view Person B’s action items. However, Person A cannot view action items that were assigned to Person B if Person A does not have access to the note where that action item was created.

There are three main places to view these action items assigned to others. Below we've outlined how to view action items assigned to other in each of these places.

Action items panel

Click on the Action items icon in the main navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen. Then select Assigned to others from the drop down at the top of the panel, as shown below.

Action items page

Select Action items from the home panel. Then click on the tab Assigned to others at the top of the page.

Action items tab

This one is a bit more specific than the ones listed above. The action items here show from this specific meeting series and shows you all the action items from the notes in the meeting series. Learn how to enable it here.

Once the tab is enabled, visit the series, then click on Action Items and select Grouping: assignee to breakdown action items on the individual level.

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