Jotting down action items in your meetings means very little if you don’t do anything with the follow-up.

High-performing individuals know that tracking action items post-meeting, organizing them by project and/or priority and following up on them quickly is the best way to keep things moving.

It’s also a great way to show your team that you’ll do what you said you’d do. Being organized and thoughtful about your follow-up means that you build trust and reliability with your team.

With Fellow, you can do just that!

Here are some of our favourite tips and tricks:

Prioritize - add due dates and review incomplete action items before your meeting

It can be difficult staying on top of everything. But by knowing when it needs to be done and how important it is, your list becomes a bit more manageable and focused.

So check on the status of outstanding tasks before a meeting by looking at the action items tab. Is there something that you need to complete ahead of the next meeting?

And add due dates to stay accountable and keep others accountable too.

Plan out what tasks to do Today and what can be left for Later

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when working off a mega todo list. Try sorting your actions into Today, Upcoming, and Later to keep things manageable. You can just drag the item between categories or select the move options in the drop down.

Plus, use the 'Won't Do' option to clean up and remove no longer relevant items from your lists.

Rearrange and Colour Code Action Items in Private Streams

Feel free to add colour and set your own flow. Everyone works a little differently, so feel free to customize action items in a way that works for you. This might be colour coding like tasks or creating your own filing system in a private stream.

And in a private stream feel free to add sub- action items, and additional notes, updates, or ideas.

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