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Insert a Key Result into a note
Insert a Key Result into a note

How to insert (or remove) a key result in a note

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It's common for a key result to be discussed in a team meeting. A team member might share an update, highlight a challenge, or just want to ask for an opinion. Now you can seamlessly insert key results into your meeting agenda. This also means that you'll be able to see context related to that key result as you reflect back on past notes.


  1. Find the meeting note that you would like to insert an objective into. Once inside the note, open the slash menu (/) or the plus button (+) in the bottom tool bar. Then select Key result.

    2. Find the key result that you would like to insert. To make it easy to search for, select the assignee of the key result in the drop down and/or select the cycle. In the image below, I'm filtering for key results that have been assigned to Marketing in the Q1 2022 cycle.

  2. Click on the specific key result(s) to insert. Selected key results will show in purple.

  3. Once inserted, the key results will show up in the note which makes it easy to discuss, update, and add comments.

To remove an inserted key result

  1. To delete an inserted key result, click on the three dots at the end of the key result and press delete.

    This will only delete the key result from the note - this key result will still exist in other places.

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