Why can't my teammates see our meeting notes?

Troubleshooting steps for all attendees to have access to a meeting note

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Below are troubleshooting tips to help if you and your teammates aren't seeing the same note for a meeting.

Step 1: Check if they are an attendee of the associated calendar event

Someone who is a user in your Fellow workspace will need to be an attendee of the calendar event associated with the meeting notes to have permissions to view them. You can click on the event in your calendar to see who has been added to the event.

Alternate option to grant note access

However, users can also be granted access to meeting notes if someone shares them via the blue share button in the top right corner of the note series.

*Please note, sharing notes via the blue share button will grant access to all notes within the meeting.

Step 2: Is everybody accessing the note from their left control panel in the "meetings" view?

It is possible that a duplicate note has been generated for this calendar event, and some users are viewing that duplicate note. If a duplicate note has been manually generated, this generally means it is not the same note automatically linked to the calendar event.

To view the note associated with the calendar event, click into that event in your left control panel in the "meetings" view.

Step 3: Are all members in the same workspace?

If you are seeing different notes from someone, they may be viewing a meeting note linked to that same calendar event, but from within a different Fellow workspace.

When you want to collaborate with someone who has their own Fellow workspace, but is not a part of your Fellow workspace, you can do this using cross workspace collaboration.

Alternatively, if a meeting attendee is not a member of your Fellow workspace, you may be able to invite them to join or send them the notes to view only. Check out this article to learn more about sharing notes.

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