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Why can't my teammates see our meeting notes?
Why can't my teammates see our meeting notes?

Can some workspace members see a meeting note while others cannot?

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If a meeting or shared stream has been created and not everyone can gain access, here are some troubleshooting steps you can follow:

Step 1: Check if they are on the original event invitation in your Google or Office365 calendar

In order for everyone to gain access to a meeting note, all members must be an attendee on the original Google or Office 365 event invitation. You can click on the event in your calendar to see who has been added to the event.

Step 2: Has the member who cannot gain access tried to do a manual calendar resync?

If your calendar seems a bit out of date, you can trigger a refresh by pressing the manual re-sync button at the bottom of the meeting section.

This should help with meetings that have recently been added to your calendar, or meetings that have removed or rescheduled.

Step 3: Do all members have their calendars connected to Fellow?

Members can confirm that their calendars are successfully connected to their accounts by:

  1. Selecting the workspace logo

  2. Going into user settings

  3. Lastly, into Apps and integrations

    The Google or Office365 integration will be near the bottom of the page. Here you should see if your calendar has been successfully connected.

Step 4: Are all members apart of the same workspace?

Members must be apart of the same workspace in order to collaborate on a note or stream. If an attendee is not apart of your workspace, you can always invite them as a guest user or send them notes via email. Check out this article on how to share notes with guest users or meeting attendees that do not have a Fellow account.

Step 5: Check if the member who cannot gain access has an email alias.

Some members on your workspace may be using an email alias that has not been identified by Fellow. If this is the case, we can update your account information so it includes the aliases. Please contact us using the little Intercom bubble in Fellow or at to update this.

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