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Who can see my notes and calendar?
Who can see my notes and calendar?
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In your meeting view, you can see all the events in your calendar, but no one else will be able to see your entire calendar. They will only be able to see the events that they are also invited to. Meetings notes are only accessible if the following two criteria are met:

  1. You are an attendee on the calendar invitation associated with the note

  2. You are part of the same workspace

To clarify, for a 1-on-1 only ย the manager and the direct report will be able to see those notes. In a meeting, by default, only internal meeting attendees (ones on the calendar invite) will be able to see the contents of the notes. Their avatars will appear at the top of the note.

If you would like to share the meeting notes, you can use the 'Send Notes' feature and share them with the attendees who attended the meetings and those who did not. (But for a 1-on-1, check with the other person first ๐Ÿ˜€)

In your private notes section, the notes that you write there are only visible to you.

Here is an illustration which may help show what I mean:ย 

Private Notes

If you write anything in the Private Notes section on the far right hand side, they will only be visible to you. And if you share your screen you can hide them from view by clicking on the collapse arrow.


Workspace Admins do not have any special privileges and cannot see your notes or your calendar events. They can only see those notes to which they have access via the permissioning mechanism described above.

Similarly, Fellow staff cannot view your notes or calendar (unless permission is explicitly granted via a support request).

External Attendees

If you have invited a third party/external attendee to the meeting, by default they will not be able to access the notes within Fellow. If they click the Fellow link in the calendar invite, they will just be brought to a Fellow log-in page.

If you want the the third party to see the notes, you can:

  • Use the Send Agenda/Notes button and send the notes (e..g via email). This will be read-only.

  • Use our Cross-Workspace Sharing feature to explicitly share a note serie with the third party. They will receive a sharing invite email, from which they can accept your sharing request. This will require that they either join your workspace as a Guest User, or sign up for their own Fellow workspace.

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