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Create a 360 feedback request
Create a 360 feedback request

A guide showing how to ask for 360 feedback

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360 feedback is a great way for managers to build a portfolio of feedback on their direct reports and encourage growth.

To make the process of gathering 360 feedback easier to explain, we're going to use Sasha's case as an example. These are the groups of people we'll be collecting 360 feedback from about Sasha:


  1. In the Feedback section, click on the blue plus sign at the top of the feedback panel. Then select 360 feedback.

  2. Choose the questions that you would like to ask by selecting a template for each type of respondent: a Self assessment, a Manager assessment, peer feedback, and direct report feedback

    1. These templates will determine the questions that each group of people get asked.

    2. You will need to select a pre-existing feedback template. If you want to create a new one, you'll need to navigate away from the page and follow this process

  3. Add people and their teammates. The most important part of this step is to specify who is the subject of this 360 feedback. Once that is added, Fellow will autofill some people including their manager and any direct reports.

    1. Note: you can only send out the types of feedback you have selected a template for in the first step.

  4. If you are in the process of gathering feedback about multiple people, add another report. This means that 2 batches of feedback will be sent out. These two batches will be independent of each other, they'll just have the questions in common.

  5. Click Preview & send. You'll be able to confirm who will have visibility into the completed feedback and who is being sent what.

  6. Once sent, you'll be able to see this request in your main Feedback inbox. Click on the request to see responses from each group.

  7. From there, this works similar to a regular feedback request where you can remind respondents, cancel the request, etc.


  • You'll only be able to ask for 360 feedback about a direct report or someone under you in your org tree. For example, you'll be able to ask about a direct report's direct report.

  • When you are choosing the people to ask, you might not see the person you are looking for in the drop down. Just start typing their name, this will narrow down the list and the person should show up

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